Are you still using pencil and paper and manually grading tests?

Changing your menu is important to the success of your restaurant, but do you secretly dread the changes because you will have to re-train your staff? Does each location have a different menu? Do menu changes lead to your servers saying “I don’t know, let me check” when a customer asks about a menu item? Simplifying, automating menu training can change all that!

So how do you handle menu training?

  • Are you still using pencil and paper to test your employees about your menu? And score the tests manually?
  • Do you hand new employees a menu, have them shadow an existing employee, and hope for the best?
  • How about menu changes, seasonal roll-outs/limited time offers, and other important policies? How do you conduct that training?

A thorough understanding of menu items, ingredients, and how meals are prepared reduces food waste, delays in service, and unhappy customers.

Simplifying, Automating Menu Training – Here is how your menu training should work:

  • Employees receive an automated email with a link that opens the menu training course.
  • Employees (servers, bartenders, hosts, BOH, FOH) review menu details (through their phone, iPad, laptop, computer, etc.) including preparation, ingredients, cost of substitutions, vegan and gluten free meals, plating, etc. for each menu item and then answers a series of questions to be sure they got it. 
  • Employees who pass the quiz are emailed an automatically generated Menu Certification.
  • Managers receive automated daily/weekly/monthly or on-demand reports showing the status of all menu training at just their store – pass, fail, score, number of attempts, etc. If you want to know which question was answered incorrectly most often, the report will show that, too.
  • Menu changes are updated by overwriting old documents (pdf files) for new, and your changes are populated real time into your online training.
  • Menu training quiz questions are populated and edited in an Excel Quiz Template
  • If a lot of sub-100% scores, maybe there is a menu item that is not described well enough, or a question that is not structured correctly.  No problem, you can run reports that will show you specific answers to specific questions.

Simplifying, Automating Menu Training

If you want to learn more about Simplifying, Automating Menu Training, visit our web page, and register for a sample menu course.

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