Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Anti-Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Course Description:

This course will teach managers and employees how to recognize sexual harassment and other forms of unlawful workplace behaviors.  It will also teach employees and managers appropriate responses when sexual harassment happens to them, or they witness harassment happening to somebody else.  Trainees will also learn about quid pro quo and hostile environment harassment types, as well as what to do to successfully work through any harassment situation. This course will also review essential company policies and applicable state and federal laws – and take training participants through several workplace harassment scenarios.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the words and actions that constitute harassment
  • Understand what the law says about harassment
  • Implement anti-harassment policies
  • Educate employees and develop anti-harassment policies
  • Discuss employer and employee’s rights and responsibilities
  • Address accusations of harassment
  • Deal with the aftermath of harassment

What’s New:

  • Points and Badges.  Note; compliance courses can be dull, to say the least, so why not add points and badges when users complete chapters or answer “Challenge” questions correctly on the first attempt.  Makes things more interesting and motivates users to think before responding.
  • Sample Policy and Complaint forms
  • Complies with California and New York mandates

Some Customization Required:

Note this course should be modified to include your own Company anti-harassment policy, complaint forms, contact information.


This course satisfies most state requirements for sexual harassment training. Check the laws in your state to confirm that this course meets your own compliance requirements.

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