My Restaurant Academy

My Restaurant Academy makes restaurant course development, off-the-shelf restaurant e-learning topics, restaurant training certification, restaurant training automated reports, easy and inexpensive. 

My Restaurant Academy

Why My Restaurant Academy?

  • We have many off-the-shelf, yet modifiable restaurant e-learning topics available
  • We can help you (or teach you) to create your own interactive, self-paced e-learning modules
  • Adding users, assigning courses, running reports, etc. is intuitive and easy
  • Cost is very affordable compared to other e-learning platforms and instructor-led training
  • Completing training is simple and convenient for students from their mobile devices

My Restaurant Academy – Course Developmentrestaurant course development, restaurant e-learning development

Dupont Learning can help with restaurant course development / e-learning:

  • You can create your own courses (hosted on our My Restaurant Academy).
  • Dupont Learning can create courses for you (we have created more than 1000 e-learning titles).
  • We can teach you to create your own courses (remote, one-one-one training).
  • Or, consider restaurant course development with Dupont Learning (we can do the things you don’t have the skill or time for).

Note there are many ways to create self-paced e-learning modules.  Dupont Learning can help you decide whether to create quick/simple/inexpensive e-learning, or rich media, highly interactive, self-paced courses.

My Restaurant Academy: Certificationrestaurant training certificate, restaurant training certification

Do your workers go through a restaurant training certification process – where specific restaurant skills – like menu knowledge, or anti-harassment – are validated and the employee earns a Certificate of Achievement? If yes, and if it is still a manual process, you might like automating that function with My Restaurant Academy. 

  • Students self-register – completing an online registration form – choosing their store location, job function, etc.
  • Registered students are auto-enrolled in the right course(s) depending on their user profile (store, job position, etc.)
  • Enrolled students receive auto enrollment email notification – with course launch link (no need to log-in to start the course)
  • Students can complete their training on any computer or mobile device
  • Upon course completion, student receives an automated email Restaurant Training Certification
  • Students can also view/print their training results and certificates from their Transcript page

My Restaurant Academy – Automated Reports

restaurant e-learning report, restaurant training automated reports

A key My Restaurant Academy function is restaurant training automated reports. Key stakeholders, like store managers, receive regular email reports informing them on store employee e-learning progress. 

Menu Training, restaurant e-learning Development, Restaurant e-Learning Topics

“Dupont Learning has helped us take an out-of-date, paper-heavy training program and convert it into an effective online training program with interactive courses and tests. My Restaurant Academy is very user-friendly and easy to navigate, both as a student and as a manager on the reporting side. It can be accessed on any device so it makes training convenient for our staff!

Restaurant e-Learning Topics Available to You:

My Restaurant Academy: Key Features for Students

Mobile Support: Students can take courses on the go by accessing them directly from their iPhone/iPod and Android (if CM Mobile has been purchased).

Multi-Language Support: Students have the option to use eight different languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian, and Mandarin).

Notification Features: Students are notified via email of course and curriculum milestones such as their course enrollment, a reminder 7 days before the start of the course and much more. Notification emails include features such as a direct link to course with an embedded UserID and Password, allowing automatic log-on as well.

Transcripts and Certificates:  Students can view and print their personal transcript anytime.

Automatic Student Registration: Courses can be assigned to user groups (store locations, bartenders, servers, etc.), so new employees in those groups are automatically registered in those courses.

Email Capabilities: Students can email their instructor through My Restaurant Academy’s email function.

Re-enrollment Notice: When the system automatically re-enrolls a students in a course, the action is noted in the Gradebook and appears in the student’s transcript. A new enrollment email notification is available for re-enrollment.

My Restaurant Academy: Key Features Managers/Reporters

Store Manager Reporting: Assign store managers as “Reporter” and he/she will receive restaurant training automated reports for their stores.

Student Registration: Store Managers/Reporters can enroll and un-enroll restaurant workers who work at their store.

Transcript Reports: Store Managers/Reporters can view the history of store students to see what courses were taken, what scores they received, how long it took them to complete each course and more.

Automatic Status Reports: Store Managers/Reporters can receive automatically-generated status reports via email, on selected days.

My Restaurant Academy: Key Features for Administrators

Data Organization and Categorizing: Organize data in any format you choose, such as city, store, or region, making running reports easy and more meaningful.

Easily Import SCORM and AICC Compliant Content: SCORM and AICC content can be imported directly into My Restaurant Academy with a simple click of a button, enabling quick and easy setup of courses.

LDAP Support: My Restaurant Academy enables data transfer from Enterprise Resource Systems, such as PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle and others directly in to MRA with a file transfer process. MRA also provides SAML2 and API functionality to connect MRA with other databases with API access in real-time.

Email Capabilities: Administrators can set up the email interface to work with an external email program or use My Restaurant Academy’s internal email system for notifications and communications between students and instructors.

Auto-Enroll Curricula: Administrators can set up curricula to automatically enroll students in a particular job function or location.

Simple User Deactivation: Deactivate or archive users to ensure content is there for future use.

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