Responsible Cannabis Vendor Training

Our ANSI-accredited Responsible Cannabis Vendor Training course will help Budtenders understand the basic laws and rules that govern the marijuana industry. 

Continue below to learn about the course objectives, topics covered, regulatory information, and the exam.

Course Objectives


  • Understand what marijuana is along with the laws and rules regarding marijuana
  • Explain why retail licenses and handler permits are necessary and how to protect them
  • Describe unlawful acts and the consequences and identify ways to prevent unlawful acts
  • Know what to do to prevent administrative and criminal liability
  • Become familiar with basic site safety for both retail marijuana establishments and delivery vehicles
  • Know how medical marijuana works and the process for medical marijuana patients, caregivers, and physicians
  • Understand what is and is not legal concerning the sale of recreational marijuana
  • Identify the harm marijuana can cause to pregnant women, adolescents, and the elderly
  • Know how to verify identification to avoid underage sales
  • Recognize marijuana products and identify what is considered a marijuana edible
  • Determine the appropriate dosage, overconsumption and who should avoid marijuana consumption and why
  • Recognize the signs of marijuana abuse
  • Identify a person impaired by marijuana and when impairment compromises the safety of others
  • Learn how to politely but firmly refuse a sale to an intoxicated person

Topics Covered


  • Lesson 1: Marijuana Establishment Basics
  • Lesson 2: Compliance with the Law
  • Lesson 3: Basic Site Safety
  • Lesson 4: Preventing Unlawful Consumption
  • Lesson 5: How to Determine Valid Identification
  • Lesson 6: Effects and Types of Different Marijuana Products
  • Lesson 7: Identifying Persons Impaired by Marijuana

Regulatory Information

ANSI Responsible Cannabis Vendor Training Course – ANSI – American National Standards Institute

Name: ANSI – American National Standards Insititute

Phone: 202-331-3614

Address: 1899 L. Street, NW 11th Floor, Washington, DC 20036


Once you’ve completed the Responsible Cannabis Vendor Training lessons and passed the final exam with at least 77%, you’ll get your certificate of completion.

Additional Information

Is your cannabis training course approved in my state?

Our Responsible Cannabis Vendor Training course is ANSI-accredited; however, it may not be approved in your state. While it’s still beneficial for informational purposes, double-check with your state regulations for any training course approval requirements.

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