Custom Web-Based Product Training Development

Dupont Learning can help you create self-paced e-learning for just about any product training/certification.  From premium, rich media, self-paced e-learning, to rapidly developed, inexpensive tutorials, Dupont Learning can help you choose the best method to fit your training purposes, audience, timeline and budget.  Give us a call so we can learn about your project, and help you zero in on the best development plan.

For you, With you, Teach you

For You

From soup to nuts, Dupont Learning can create your custom e-learning course from scratch.  We use the best writers and instructional designers, illustrators, authoring tool programmers, professional voiceover experts and translators. And we can create your course to function just as you prefer.

With You

Many companies have internal e-learning developers, but may need extra help, like in instructional design, or writing, graphic illustrations, animations, video or professional audio. We are happy to provide just the services you need to complete your custom e-learning course. 

Teach You

Being trainers at heart, we can teach you to create your own custom self-paced e-learning courses using Lectora or Articulate Storyline.  Using remote, 90-minute training sessions, we will teach you everything you need to know to build first-rate e-learning modules.

Custom e-Learning for any Product Training …

Video e-Learning

Use of short videos, followed by interactions that reinforce key video learning points are one of the best ways to train. Often these videos already exist.  We can help by editing the video file into bite size chunks, followed up by Challenge Zone questions.

Drag & Drop Interactions

Many products lend themselves toward drag & drop interactions. In this scenario, medical tools are used in a specific sequence, and users must demonstrate they know the order.

Level II Animation

Level 2 pages include CC text, animated objects that enter the scene times with the professional audio narration.

e-Learning Development Details

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Simple/Inexpensive to Premium Courses

e-learningDepending you your subject matter, audience, timeline and budget, there are many upfront choices when planning your next product training e-learning module.  Many people ask us to see samples, so naturally we put our best foot forward.  But in many cases, the course we show would be too expensive and time consuming for your purposes.  Often-times, a more basic course would do the trick for far less time and money.  Let us help you choose the best way forward for your unique product training/certification project.

Simulations, Animation

e-Learning DevelopmentSimulations and animations are affordable ways to illustrate your point without hiring a video production crew.  Animated characters with professional voiceover do a great job engaging your student and delivering your message.

Professional Voice-over

professional voicoverNot all courses require voice-over narration, but your course will do a better job transferring skills if page text is accompanied by profession narration.  Dupont Learning has several male/female voices to choose from, and narration can be provided in just about any language.

Simple Low Cost Structure

low-cost e-learningSome custom product training e-learning courses are more expensive than others. Factors include course length, quality of the original content, level of animation and interactivity, etc. e-Learning course pages can be categorized into Level 1 (text and image) to Level 3 (animated, interactive, narrated). Dupont Learning charges a flat fee per Level 1, 2, and 3 pages.  After we have a chance to review your content, we will suggest the types of page that will suit your content best, and submit a quote.

Mobile e-Learning

mobile e-learningMore and more, students are taking courses from tablets or smartphones. No problem. All Dupont Learning courses are created to launch and track on any device.

Training Certification

completion certificate

  • Upon course completion, student receives an automated email certificate, customized and branded for your company.
  • Students can also view/print their training results and certificates from their Transcript page.
Points and Badges

points and badgesRather than just restrict navigation (disable the Next button), it is better to provide motivation for students to put some effort into the Knowledge Check questions. We want them to stop and THINK on the question, rather than just guess so they can get to the next page as quick as possible. The Knowledge Questions are there to support the learning, and to help students prepare for the test. Therefore we reward correct “Challenge Zone” questions with points … say $100 points for answering questions correctly on the first attempt, and 50 points for answering correctly on the second attempt.


e-learning translationOne of our most recent projects was converted into 20 languages.  We can provide translation as well as local voiceover narration to any of your e-learning projects.

Restricted Navigation

For many courses, especially safety-related, compliance or certification, where specific course time is required, it is important to restrict navigation so users can’t power-click the Next button.  For these courses, it is standard procedure to disable the Next button or the Table of Contents, until the student completes the page or section.

360 VR Training

VR e-learning designImmersive learning is the future. Contact us to create a demo using your product.  Students can view 360 modules from a VR headset or view an interactive 360 module from their PC or mobile device.

Certification Test

e-learning quizTest are how you know if your students understood the materials presented. But test questions can be

CC Text

cc textThere are many ways to construct an e-learning course, but the consensus is fewer words on the page, and more visuals as the voice-over narration plays. But with that said, there are plenty of students who want/need to see the full narration text. For that reason, we normally provide a cc button, which reveals the entire test that is being spoken.

Elevate Your Classroom

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