Private Club Academy

Private Club Academy makes training your employees on key topics, like Sexual Harassment Prevention, easy and inexpensive, because it is all online.  With e-learning, and automated reporting, you will sleep easy knowing your people are getting the training that is required, without complex scheduling or manually tracking completions.

Automating Private Club Training

Private Club Academy can automate your Private Club training, while making it easy and convenient for your employees to learn new skills.

Menu Training

Changing your menu?  No problem, pop in a new menu describer pdf, edit your test questions, and you have a new menu training module in minutes.

Gamified Learning

Follow key content with Challenge Questions, where employees earn points for answering questions correctly on 1st or 2nd attempt.

Compliance Training

Many States now require Private Club Sexual Harassment Prevention training. Don’t worry, we have you covered … for hourly workers and managers, and also in Spanish.

Progress Tracking

Your Store Managers will receive automated status reports so they can monitor and support training in their stores. 

Custom Courses

Custom courses for bartenders, servers, bussers, dishwashers, managers, etc.

Teacher Training

We can teach your trainers to create their own custom e-learning courses.

Our Most Popular Courses

All Dupont Learning courses are can be customized for your Private Club.

Anti-Harassment Training

The Private Club Harassment Prevention course can include your own club anti-harassment policy and complaint form. It can also range from a 20-minute overview to a 2-hour course that is compliant with laws in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine and New York.

Menu Training

With Dupont Learning’s low-cost, automated approach, restaurant employees launch the menu course and take the test using a store iPad, or or a personal smart phone. Results are automatically tracked, and restaurant managers receive email completion reports.

Alcohol Awareness

There is a lot to know about alcohol law and the responsibilities that go with it; and the consequences of not taking it seriously. This course will review real world guidelines and show you how to follow the law without interfering with your customer’s good time.

Dishwasher Training

The guidelines presented in the Dishwasher Training Made Easy program have been established to help you in your effort to instill these high standards within your Dishwashers. 

Why Private Club Academy? - Key Features includes several features that makes creating, hosting, tracking elearning easy and affordable for your restaurant.  Click the tabs shown to learn more.

Key Features

Click the tabs below to learn more.

Off-the-Shelf Courses

We have more than 100 well-written topics, that can be modified and combined to create a custom course that fits your training needs exactly.

Topics include:


New employees can self-register, choosing their job title and store location.  New users can then be automatically assigned courses based on the title and location. Click here for example.

Simple Low Cost Structure

Our simple and straghtforward pricing allows for unlimited users and courses.  There is simply no more affordable way to train your employees.

Mobile e-Learning

Our content is created to be viewed on any mobile device.  iPad? iPhone? PC?  No problem.

Training Certification

Private Club Academy Certificate

  • Students self-register – completing an online registration form – choosing their private club location, job function, etc.
  • Registered students are auto-enrolled in the right course(s) (Sexual Harassment Prevention Training) depending on their user profile (location, job position, etc.).
  • Enrolled students receive auto enrollment email notification – with course launch link (no need to log-in to start the course).
  • Students can complete their training on any computer or mobile device.
  • Upon course completion, student receives an automated email Private Club Training Certification.
  • Students can also view/print their training results and certificates from their Transcript page.
Automated Reports

restaurant e-learning report

A key My Restaurant Academy function is restaurant training automated reports. Key stakeholders, like store managers, receive regular email reports informing them on store employee e-learning progress. For example, when employees complete Sexual Harassment Prevention Training.


Notification Features

Students are notified via email of course and curriculum milestones such as their course enrollment, a reminder 7 days before the start of the course and much more. Notification emails include features such as a direct link to course with an embedded UserID and Password, allowing automatic log-on as well.

Multi-Language Support

 Students have the option to use eight different languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian, and Mandarin).

Elevate Your Classroom

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