Personal Performance Management System

Now that your company has a Performance Management System, do some of your employees implementing this goal structure work from a “Sticky Note” system?

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Dupont Learning has spent many years tailoring time management programs to company Performance Management Systems.  For example, in the 90’s GE implemented a “Work Out” strategy – firing 10% of their workforce, and telling the remaining employees (now even busier) to adapt by “working out” lower value activities.  In response, Dupont Learning provided a training program, and a Priority Management System, to help employees manage work in a way that focused attention on their highest value activities, and at the same time, forced discrimination on lower-value tasks.  The result was that managers felt in control again, peeling away wasteful endeavors and zeroing in on goal-related assignments.

Note that many knowledge workers (k-workers) adapt a sort of “sticky note” system.  Well, maybe they don’t use just sticky notes to remember goals, projects, tasks, etc., but their system for managing work can be a bit muddled.  You know that’s true because when they leave a meeting, you have no confidence at all they will deliver on their promises and commitments without regular reminders from you.  These workers have learned to fight fires each day, waiting for the next emergency to respond to.  Their role (they think) is to respond to input immediately, and go to the task next that is the most urgent.

Now I’m not saying that being responsive to the immediate needs of others is bad, or that you should shun teamwork and be a mindless drone in pursuit of personal goals, but some time must be directed to proactive, “enlightened self interest” activities that pull you toward your goals.  Some time, not all time.  But the reality is if you tend to be a responsive, help-oriented person, you might also gravitate to disorganization, with the only system to remember tasks being reminders from the people who gave you the task. 

It is so much easier being the responsive, help-giver/team-oriented person who readily reacts to last minute emergencies – because it doesn’t take much discipline, negotiation, or complicated decision making.  When asked about proactive, goal-related projects and tasks, this person typically blames the work environment for not planning, but in reality, he is training the people around him that he is always available for last-minute work.  Getting proactive, on-time, goal-related project work from this person might be tough (unless you remind him constantly, or set a deadline for tomorrow).

So what is the solution?

Personal Performance Management System

Effective, goal-oriented knowledge workers who focus on high value activities and discriminate against wasteful tasks, have a well developed, personal system to manage work. This system is also flexible, allowing the k-worker to adapt and respond correctly as changes, interruptions, emergencies, etc., occur – and require immediate – and justified – attention. 

What is the PPMS program?

Dupont Learning’s Personal Performance Management System is a training process that includes a 2-hour self-paced e-learning module, and remote, personal (webinar), one-on-one follow-up meetings to help the k-worker integrate the tools and processes into their situation and “way of thinking”. 

  • Tools: Microsoft Outlook as a planning tool (Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Groups, etc.) (Note; this program can be adapted to other tools besides Outlook)
  • Processes: Setting goals, creating action plans, scheduling meetings and tasks, managing contacts and delegations, keeping desk and email inbox clear, weekly and daily planning, daily decision-making as changes occur

How is the training delivered?

  • 2-hour online, self-paced, e-learning course (this course can be modified to fit your company’s Employee Performance Management System). Click here to register for free version.
  • Optional one-on-one follow-up meetings (remote personal webinar – normally 1-hour) – to help tailor the tools and techniques to individual jobs, personalities and thinking style. Program participants can receive one or more individual follow-up sessions with a system consultant.

Customize this program to compliment your company’s Performance Management System

Dupont Learning can customize the program to better fit your company’s Performance Management System – and can help individuals in your company develop these critical new habits.  Note that it takes 30 days to form new habits, so good training programs include personal follow-up to assist the k-worker integrate the new behaviors, overcome later doubts, and generally hold the trainee accountable for integrating the changes – permanently.

Our Personal Performance Management System program can include:

  • Customize the PPMS online course to include your Company’s Values/Vision/Mission/Goals, etc.
  • Video presentation from your CEO (or other company leader) explaining the importance of company’s values/vision/mission/goals, etc.
  • Don’t use Microsoft Outlook?  We can integrate your own email/calendar tool into the training
  • Personal one-on-one follow-up meetings (remote).  We will meet with individual k-workers, and help them integrate their goals and action plans into their planning system (Microsoft Outlook).  We will also work with them to clear their desk, clear their email inbox, schedule all of their goal action plan tasks, project tasks, etc.
  • Install the PPMS course on your LMS (or you can use our LMS)

The Results …

This program will help knowledge workers better control day-to-day work with everyday tools (Microsoft Outlook), plus adapt better planning, prioritizing and decision-making routines. The result will be:

  • One hour more per day on higher value (goal-related) activities,
  • Better control over a higher work volume
  • Less stress (caused by too many tasks / not enough time, forgetting things, etc.)
  • Practical boost to your Employee Performance Management System.

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Who is Dupont Learning?

Tom and Dyan Dupont started Dupont Learning by purchasing a Priority Management Training franchise in 1988.  Over the next 15 years or so, Dupont Learning provided time management training to thousands of professionals at top companies like Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky, GE, Proctor & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Unilever, US Tobacco, and many more.

Over the past 10 years, Dupont Learning has branched out into other types of e-Learning development services.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Tom or Dyan Dupont at 203-272-8511.

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