My Restaurant Academy

  • Is creating and maintaining e-learning courses for your restaurant group taking too much time and work?
  • Are you managing multiple modules for different staff positions, or different menu items for different locations?
  • Are menu changes, limited time offers, and specials communicated on a timely basis – to all staff members in all locations – to be effectively promoted?
  • Are managers frustrated that training is not current or sometimes inaccurate for new hires?
  • As your restaurant group grows, is the time spent managing your training growing right along with it?
  • Are you saying to yourself “there must be a better way!”
  • And maybe your e-learning courses could look better … but who has the time?
  • Finally, how easy is it to add off-the-shelf e-learning modules from other providers – like Anti-Harassment, Alcohol Awareness, or Kitchen Safety?

If the easy, one-stop-shop e-learning platform has begun to snowball into a maintenance nightmare, Dupont Learning can show you a more automated way to implement e-learning at your restaurant group, reducing the time you spend maintaining courses, adding users, and communicating results to employees and store managers.

What is My Restaurant Academy?

My Restaurant Academy (MRA) is a shared online learning management system set up for restaurants to offer essential training, documentation and reporting, at affordable costs.  MRA makes it possible for your restaurant employees and managers to self-register and take courses.  Then, restaurant administrators will receive automated reports verifying training completions.

This is the easy way to provide essential training and documentation – with a low monthly fee, and no start-up costs.

Features For Your Learners

Mobile Support
Now students can take courses on the go by accessing them directly from their iPhone/iPod and Android.
Multi-Language Support
Learners have the convenient option to use eight different languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian, and Mandarin) within CourseMill. 
Robust Notification Features
Students are conveniently notified via email of course and curriculum milestones such as their course enrollment, a reminder 7 days before the start of the course and much more. Notification emails include convenient features such as a direct link to the course with an embedded UserID and Password, allowing automatic log-on as well.
Transcripts and Certificates
Students can conveniently track their course history and grades by viewing their own transcript that can include the number of credit hours earned through the successful completion of each course. In addition the Student has the ability to print any Certificate completed within My Restaurant Academy.
Automatic Student Registration
Students can quickly register for courses as well as view course names, descriptions and notes in one centralized location. You can also assign students to a course based on their organizational grouping.
Self-Registering Course Preview
Students can conveniently preview self-registering courses in the Course Catalog, so they can get a better understanding of the course before self-registration.
Re-enrollment Notice
When the system automatically re-enrolls a student in a course, the action is noted in the Gradebook and appears in the student’s transcript. A new enrollment email notification is available for re-enrollment.

Features For Administrators

Compliance Status Reports
Easily complete compliance reporting by instantly running reports on the completion status of courses. See the status for specific students and/or courses and view access dates. Easily filter out all information by desired subject and export the reports directly into an Excel spreadsheet.
Scores Reports
Instructors can quickly view each student’s individual scores on specific courses
Automatic Reporting
Automatically run or emailed reports at select intervals. You can filter reports further by selecting one or multiple organizational values.
Time Saving Email Capabilities
Instructors can send bulk emails and bulk reports to students directly.

Register for the My Restaurant Academy Anti-Harassment course here.

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