My Budtender Training with Dupont Learning

Among the most important aspects of managing any dispensary is ensuring your staff is knowledgeable on the products being sold, efficient in day to day operations, and staying compliant with local and state laws. Having dispensary staff well versed in specialized strain and consumption recommendations to ensure that consumers are matched with the products they need is crucial. There is a demand for budtender training, for industry standard topics, AND home-grown, company specific topics. With widely dispersed employees among multiple store locations, needing training quickly on topics that are constantly changing, can present unique training challenges. The solution is self-paced e-learning, via your own branded cannabis dispensary academy and training platform.

My Budtender Training with Dupont Learning can give cannabis dispensaries the unique opportunity to train budtenders and other staff members with customized courses specific to your dispensary and store location. We can provide an all-in-one online training system for all employees while providing managers with automated reports detailing course completion and test scores.

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Why My Budtender Training?

Off-the-Shelf Budtender Training

To start your budtender training course library, add our off-the-shelf, Responsible Cannabis Vendor Training course (ANSI-accredited, 4-hours). This course covers the basic laws and rules that govern the marijuana industry today. 

Custom e-Learning Development

We can create self paced e-learning courses from “in house” cannabis dispensary training  topics such as product training, local laws, or company-specific policies.

From simple inexpensive modules, to premium courses, Dupont Learning can create the courses that fit your training requirements, timeline and budget.

e-Learning Developer Training

Many dispensaries see themselves creating their own budtender training courses in the future. Dupont Learning can teach you how to create your own cannabis dispensary training using popular software like Lectora and Articulate Storyline.

Hosting, Tracking, Certifications, Reporting

Dupont Learning can host and track your cannabis dispensary training courses on our LMS.

For a small monthly fee, employees will have access to all of your e-learning courses 24/7. Advanced features include custom branding, self-registration, automated notifications, completion certificates, reports, etc.

Sample Course Pages

My Budtender Training – Key Features

My Budenter Training with Dupont Learning can help you train your budtenders to make educated decisions and recommendations for the patients and customers they serve. Click on the tabs to the right to learn more key features.

Responsible Cannabis Vendor Training

To start your cannabis dispensary training course library, add this off-the-shelf training course – Responsible Cannabis Vendor Training.

This 4 hour course includes the following lessons:

  • Marijuana Establishment Basics
  • Compliance with the Law
  • Basic Site Safety
  • Preventing Unlawful Consumption
  • How to Determine Valid Identification
  • Effects and Types of Different Marjiuana Products
  • Identifying Persons Impaired by Marijuana
Custom Course Development

Since every dispensary is different, Dupont Learning can give you the unique opportunity to create your own budtender training on how your business runs.

In-house budtender training topics could include:

  • Product training
  • Day to day business operations
  • Door check-in policies
  • Local laws or regulations
  • Any other company-specific budtender training topics

Typically, we create custom courses from resources provided by our customer. So .. how do you train your budtenders now? Our job to reassemble your budtender training content into an effective e-learning course!

Training material from your dispensary could include:

  • PDF documents
  • Powerpoints
  • Videos
  • Web links

Contact us to request a custom demo using your own training content!

One-on-One Training - Train the Trainer

Most training professionals are subject matter experts, writers, PowerPoint pro’s, etc. What may lack though, are e-learning development skills, using leading software tools. We can help! Dupont Learning can teach you to create your own budtender training courses via one-on-one remote/webinar training. There is nothing more fun than creating your own e-learning courses that can teach your staff new skills!

We offer training on all aspects of e-learning development, including:

  • e-Learning instructioanl design
  • Authoring tools; Lectora, Articulate Storyline, Camtasia, Snagit, etc.
  • Voice-over narration
  • Training can also be recorded for on-going reference
Our Learning Management System - eLearnDepot

Once your budtender training course library is created, employees can self-register from any computer or mobile device through our LMS – eLearnDepot – where participation, completion, and quiz / final exam results are recorded. Results are then sent to key stakeholders, such as store managers, and owners through automated reports.

Contact us to learn more about our LMS – and how it can help launch your dispensary’s courses!

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