My Budtender Training with Dupont Learning

My Budtender Training gives cannabis dispensaries the opportunity to train and certify budtenders and other staff members with custom e-learning training courses, while providing managers with automated reports of course completion and test scores.

Automating Budtender Training

We can help you create an online e-learning portal for all of your employee training.

Menu and Product Training

Changing or adding to your dispensary menu? No problem! Send us your new product information, we will edit your test questions, and you have a new menu training module in minutes.

Gamified Learning

Reinforce learning on key content with Challenge Questions, where employees earn points for answering questions correctly on 1st or 2nd attempts.

Compliance Training

Need to education and train your staff on state laws, regulations, and other company policies? Don’t worry, we have you covered for all hourly workers and managers.

Progress Tracking

Your managers will receive automated status reports so they can monitor and support training in their stores.

Custom Courses

Educate your staff with consistent and reliable information with self-paced, interactive custom courses.

Teacher Training

Want to learn how to make your own e-learning courses? We can teach your trainers to create their own.

Free Demonstrations

All Dupont Learning courses are customized specifically for your dispensary! Contact us and we can create a free demo on your products or any other training you need.

My Budtender Training – Key Features

My Budenter Training with Dupont Learning can help you train your budtenders to make educated decisions and recommendations for the patients and customers they serve. Click on the tabs to the right to learn more key features.

Course Development

Dupont Learning can teach you how to create your own e-learning courses using top authoring tools, like Articulate Storyline and Lectora.

  • You can create your own courses
  • Dupont Learning can create courses for you (we have created more than 1000 e-learning titles).
  • We can teach you to create your own courses (remote, one-one-one training).
  • Or, consider course development with Dupont Learning (we can do the things you don’t have the skill or time for).

Note there are many ways to create budtender training courses through self-paced e-learning modules. Dupont Learning can help you decide whether to create quick/simple/inexpensive e-learning, or rich media, highly interactive, self-paced courses.

Training Certification

To receive a My Budtender Training Certification:


  • Students self-register – completing an online registration form – choosing their store location, job function, etc.
  • Registered students are auto-enrolled in the right course(s) depending on their user profile (store, job position, etc.).
  • Enrolled students receive auto enrollment email notification – with course launch link (no need to log-in to start the course).
  • Students take a final test, which is not required, but strongly recommended, to ensure learning transfer of key concepts.
  • Upon course completion, student receives an automated email My Budtender Training Certification.
  • Students have access to all completed courses at any time for reference as needed.
Automated Reports

restaurant e-learning report


  • Key stakeholders, like store managers, receive regular email reports informing them on store employee e-learning progress.
Other Features
  • Our simple and straightforward pricing allows for unlimited users and courses.
  • Our content is created to be viewed on any mobile device. iPad? iPhone? PC? No problem.
  • We can provide quick modifications as you discontinue or add new products to your dispensary menu.

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