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Ethan learns about Project Mind Maps

Knowledge Workers Create Goal/Project Mind Maps

Do you ever notice how some people are so eager to get started on their project, they begin immediately without spending much time planning? Now I’m not talking about Project Management Professionals, but individual knowledge workers and managers who end up forgetting about key tasks or resources until it is too late.  

Within many performance management programs, employees set goals and then become responsible for related projects, but often have little or no experience planning projects. Therefore, while the performance management program is a highly evolved system to guide employees toward higher value activities, the employees system for managing projects and project tasks is sometimes muddled, or worst.

Knowledge workers who are good at managing goals, are also good at managing projects.  For example, many knowledge workers create goal/project mind maps – uncovering all of the project tasks and resources, and then date-activating all of the tasks in Outlook Tasks.

Personal Performance Management System

Dupont Learning’s e-Learning course combines the best time management tools and processes with your Company’s Performance Management System. This Personal Performance Management System enables employees to focus on highest value activities, and discriminate against lower-value tasks. The objective is for employees to spend 1 hour more per day on Performance Management goal-related activities.

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Dupont Learning and Performance Management

Dupont Learning has spent many years tailoring time management programs to company Performance Management Systems.  For example, in the 90’s GE implemented a “Work Out” strategy – firing 10% of their workforce.  GE then told the remaining employees (now even busier) to adapt by “working out” lower value activities.  In response, Dupont Learning provided a Priority Management System, to help employees focus on their highest value activities, and discrimination against lower-value tasks.  As a result, GE managers felt in control again, peeling away wasteful endeavors and zeroing in on goal-related assignments.

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