Menu Training Made Easy

  • Are you still using pencil and paper to test your employees about your menu? And then do you score the tests manually?
  • Do you hand new employees a menu, have them shadow an existing employee, and hope for the best?
  • How about menu changes, new roll-outs/special promotions, and other important policies? How do you conduct that training?

Menu Test

With Dupont Learning’s low-cost, automated approach, restaurant employees launch the menu course and take the test using a store iPad, or or a personal smart phone. Results are automatically tracked, and restaurant managers receive email completion reports.

Step 1: The Menu (5-minutes)

You convert your menu document into a .pdf document.

Step 2: The Template (1-hour)

Dupont Learning creates an e-learning course template with placeholders for:

  • Introduction statements
  • Menu pdf document
  • Test questions
  • Pass/Fail pages

Step 3: The FTP Folder (10-minutes)

Dupont Learning creates an FTP folder just for your restaurant menu. When you change your menu, just drag it and overwrite your original document. Note the course will pull the latest file from the ftp folder to the course menu page.

Step 4: The Test Questions (1-hour)

Dupont Learning will provide an Excel test question template.  Write or edit your questions here, and the menu course will import your questions.

Step 5: Publish and Install (10 minutes)

Dupont Learning (or you) will publish the course and install it on

Chapter 6: Employees take menu training / test

Just like that, the course is ready for your employees to access and complete.

Molly Dupont


Maybe you’re thinking you can’t afford to automate your menu training. We’ve created a training model where you can’t afford not to!

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