Insurance Broker Training

Dupont Learning provides an Insurance Broker Training e-Learning Portal that enables regional insurance companies to create, host and track their own producer-focused, e-learning content. – an Insurance Broker Training e-Learning Portal

  • enables regional insurance companies to build an online Agent U at minimal cost.
  • A turnkey system, for Insurance Companies can be setup quickly, including user registration by agent location.
  • Dupont Learning helps you through all aspects of e-learning, including building your own courses if  you choose.
  • Key Features
    • Self-registration for new agents, including automatic association with specific agency
    • Curriculum’s set up for each agency job position
    • Each agency/agent tracked separately – with agency managers assigned as “Agent Reporters”
    • Auto-assignment of courses
    • Auto-email notifications of course assignments
    • Courses accessed from laptop, iPad, smart phone, etc.
    • Single-click to launch courses from email
    • e-Learning games, competition (Claim Game), etc.
    • Modifiable Insurance e-learning templates
    • Co-authoring services … helping you create custom insurance e-learning from scratch.  Read more >>
    • Hundreds of low-cost, modifiable, Business Skills topics. View list >>

Insurance Broker Training

Key Features For Brokers 

Here are the key Insurance Broker Training features for Brokers/Agents

Mobile Support: Students can take courses on the go by accessing them directly from their iPhone/iPod and Android (if CM Mobile has been purchased).

Multi-Language Support: Students have the option to use eight different languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian, and Mandarin).

Notification Features: Students are notified via email of course and curriculum milestones such as their course enrollment, a reminder 7 days before the start of the course and much more. Notification emails include features such as a direct link to course with an embedded UserID and Password, allowing automatic log-on as well.
Transcripts and Certificates:  Students can track their course history and grades by viewing their own transcript that can include the number of credit hours earned through the successful completion of each course. In addition students have the ability to print any Certificate completed within ELearnDepot.
Automatic Student Registration: Brokers can quickly register for courses as well as view course names, descriptions and notes in one centralized location. You can also assign students to a course based on their store location or job title.

Internal and External Email Capabilities: Students can email their instructor through without the use of an external email program or their own personal email address.

Re-enrollment Notice: When the system automatically re-enrolls a students in a course, the action is noted in the Gradebook and appears in the student’s transcript. A new enrollment email notification is available for re-enrollment.

Features for Broker Key Contact (Reporters)

Here are the key Insurance Broker Training features for Broker Key Contacts or local managers (Reporters)

Broker/Agency Manager Reporting: Assign agency managers as “Reporters” and they will receive automated training status reports for their employees.

Student Registration: Agency Managers/Reporters can enroll and un-enroll agents who work at their agency.

Transcript Reports: Agency Managers/Reporters can view the history of agency students to see what courses were taken, what scores they received, how long it took them to complete each course and more.

Automatic Status Reports: Agency Managers/Reporters can receive automatically-generated status reports via email, on selected days.

Features for Administrators

Here are the key Insurance Broker Training features for Administrators

Data Organization and Categorizing: Organize data in any format you choose, such as agency, city, or region, making running reports easy and more meaningful.

Easily Import SCORM and AICC Compliant Content: SCORM and AICC content can be imported directly into with the simple click of a button, enabling quick and easy setup of courses.

LDAP Support: eLearnDepot enables data transfer from Enterprise Resource Systems, such as PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle and others directly in to eLearnDepot with a file transfer process. ELearnDepot also provides SAML2 and API functionality to connect with other databases with API access in real-time.

Active Directory Support: provides network security through user authentication with your organization’s Active Directory, thus making even more safe and secure.

Email Capabilities: Administrators can set up the email interface to work with an external email program or use’s internal email system for notifications and communications between students and instructors.

Auto-Enroll Curricula: Administrators can set up curricula to automatically enroll students in a particular job function or location.

Simple User Deactivation: Deactivate or archive users to ensure content is there for future use.

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