e-Learning Development Services

E-Learning Development Services



Dupont Learning has been in the adult education business since December, 1988 … more than 30 years.  We have seen e-learning come about very tentatively in the early 2000’s, and then pick up speed and acceptance – until now, when we see e-learning as the go-to method for teaching skills – especially when the audience is large and geographically dispersed.  

Dupont Learning specializes in high-quality, interactive, self-paced e-learning modules, on just about any topic.  We have created over 1,000 titles that range from simple read and take a test, to a highly interactive, 20-hour “Program Management” e-learning curriculum for a major Aerospace company.  We also provide translation and voice-over services in over 20 languages.

It is important to note that just about all our e-learning courses involve a client Subject Matter Expert (SME), and all of our projects involve different levels of work from the SME.  Sometimes the SME’s effort is minimal (providing materials as-is to Dupont Learning), but other times, the SME is very involved – constructing much of the course themselves.  My point is that Dupont Learning works with the SME to figure out the right balance of work between the SME and Dupont Learning.  We even go so far as teach you the authoring tools – then stand by to do the tasks you can’t or don’t want to do. 

Dupont Learning can create entire custom e-Learning courses using Lectora, Articulate, or Camtasia authoring software. Or, if you prefer to do some or most of the work yourself, we can partner with you to provide just the right amount of help.

e-Learning courses using Lectora:

Highly interactive – customized and branded to suit your organization – courses that do a great job teaching new skills – editable by you in the future – launches and tracks from any AICC or SCORM compliant LMS.  Mobile e-Learning is now easy using Lectora mobile e-Learning templates.

e-Learning courses using Articulate and Storyline 360:

Use your own PowerPoint slides – fast, easy, inexpensive – professional voice narration.

e-Learning courses using Camtasia:

Good for computer application training – demonstrate or simulate your software environment quickly and inexpensively.


Software Training Application

Software Training Application


Contact us to review your training requirements and let us offer our suggestions, or perhaps build a quick demo to illustrate the potential of online e-learning.

203-883-1059 – tomd@dupontlearning.com

Professional voiceover narration: 

Choose from many top professional narrators. Click here to listen to sample voices.

Course translation services:

Dupont Learning can translate your e-Learning course to almost any major language … and provide professional voiceover as well. Contact us for more details.

e-Learning Game Themes, Points, Badges, Competition


Consider letting us create a demo using your content:

The best way to evaluate whether your content is suitable for self-paced e-Learning is to have us do a short demonstration using your content. The module we create can be viewed by any of your stakeholders and decision team via the Internet. Demo’s are very inexpensive … and sometimes free. You can upload your content (PPT file, Word doc., etc.) using the link below. We will be automatically notified when your content is uploaded to our server.

Co-Development Services

Do you have custom e-learning development needs, but not enough time to create the courses yourself?  Or do you lack some of the skills necessary to create your own e-learning, so could use help in certain areas of development?  Do you need help learning key software, like Lectora, or voice-over narration tools, image editing, or e-learning instructional design?

Consider e-Learning Co-Development Services from Dupont Learning to build e-learning courses together, at the same time, learn to create your own courses.  Here is how this could work:

  1. Enroll in our remote, one-on-one training program, where will teach you to use Lectora authoring software. Lectora lets you create simple courses to start, but then later advance to very sophisticated, industry-leading, interactive e-learning modules.
  2. Once you have learned the Lectora basics, we will work with you to divide up the e-learning project tasks, with you doing the parts you are good at or have time for, and Dupont Learning doing the rest.

Working with Dupont Learning, you will eventually become very skilled at managing e-learning projects, and also skilled at the specific tools and tasks.

Contact US:

Call us (203) 272-8511 for more details, or to discuss your current e-learning project.

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