e-Learning Authoring Training

Remote, One-On-One e-Learning Authoring Training – using Lectora

Create your first Lectora course with professional e-Learning Authoring Training from Dupont Learning. Through a series of 4 or 5 private sessions via gotomeeting.com, we will walk you through your first e-Learning course – start to finish. Total training time will be 8 to 10 hours, but we won’t stop until your course is finished – and perfect! Click here to learn more about Lectora Inspire.

e-Learning Authoring Training

Learning to create e-Learning modules


Objective: Create a complete, interactive and engaging, instructionally sound e-Learning course using Lectora or Articulate authoring software.

You will begin this e-Learning Authoring Training course with an online tutorial on e-Learning instructional design, and you will write your course outline and story-board before the classes begin. During the live remote sessions, you will use the content already created to build your course using Lectora software.

What it is:

  • Complete a self-paced e-Learning module on e-Learning Instructional Design
  • Complete your course Outline and Story-board
  •  Five 90-minute private sessions with an e-Learning development expert
  • Complete your course at your pace – with our help. It will be top notch, comparable to professional courses.

What you will learn:

  • Learn effective e-Learning instructional design
  • Create course backgrounds and navigation structures using pre-designed templates
  • Create chapters, sections, pages
  • Create navigation structure
  • Learn how to use images (re-size/compress)
  • Add text and voice narration
  • Learn “actions”, variables, hyperlinks, pop-up windows
  • Learn about “inheritance” of objects
  • Create interactions, quizzes and tests
  • Learn to publish your course to your specific Learning Management System (AICC / SCORM)

What you will need:

  • Lectora, Articulate or Storyline (we can can provide a trial copy of Lectora for this training class)
  • Microphone (we will provide more information later)

When: Our e-Learning Authoring Training course is available at your convenience, at your pace. Ideally, 4 or 5 90-minute meetings, each a few days (or weeks) apart. Spreading the sessions out gives you time to practice – and build your course using the skills from the previous sessions. Also, you don’t need to learn how to publish your course until it is completed … so why hurry. Again, we will go at YOUR pace.

Where: remote via gotomeeting.com

Cost: There are many ways to structure this program, so price will depend on the amount of training required.  Call us for a specific cost estimate.

For more information, contact Tom or Dyan Dupont at 203-272-8511 / tomd@dupontlearning.com / dyand@dupontlearning.com