Dishwasher Training Made Easy

Dishwasher Training Made Easy

A Dishwasher is an important part of every meal served and every guest’s experience in your restaurant – as they take great pride in making sure every meal is served with clean plates, dishes, glasses, silverware, and all other utensils. Dishwasher Training Made Easy will help your restaurant maintain its high standards as your dishwashers learn adapt to your values – and desire to do the very best job possible for your guests every day.

The guidelines presented in the Dishwasher Training Made Easy program have been established to help you in your effort to instill these high standards within your Dishwashers. Along with the hands-on training you will provide, this training will provide answers to questions your Dishwashers will have regarding the operating procedures for your restaurant.

Key “Dishwasher Training Made Easy” learning objectives:

  • Ensuring the cleanliness of every dish, pot, pan, piece of silverware, and glass that goes to the kitchen and our guests.
  • Ensuring the dish machine is operating at correct temperatures in all cycles.
  • Ensuring that the proper detergents (and levels of detergents) are being used in the dish machine and pot washing sinks.
  • Ensuring that the proper sanitizers are being used when cleaning walls, countertops, and floors.
  • Abiding by the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) that outline hazardous chemical use.
  • Maintaining an inventory of all dishes, pots, pans, silverware, glassware, and kitchen utensils, which enables us to control loss and waste.
  • Maintaining a waste management program in the dish area: controlling unnecessary disposal of wrapped and/or unused crackers, Sweet n’Low, tea bags, creamers, jellies, knives, forks, spoons, ramekins, napkins, dishes, bowls, and glasses.
  • Maintaining safe, clean, and organized walk ways in the kitchen.
  • Assisting kitchen with prep work during off peak hours.
  • You are to ensure that the dish area, kitchen floor, employee restrooms, employee break area, and storage areas are spotlessly cleaned at all times.
  • You are responsible for the back dock and dumpster areas. You must maintain these areas so that they are free from debris at all times, to prevent the unsanitary habitation of rodents.
  • You are a total team player that provides services that link all departments together, while ensuring 100% guest satisfaction.
  • A good Dishwasher must be able to perform his or her job duties thoroughly, to support the whole staff; and, must be fast, to keep up with our volume of business.
  • Much of a Dishwasher’s job is involved with maintaining standards of cleanliness in the store. A good Dishwasher must be aware of our standards and must be able to work quickly and maintain them.

Main Dishwasher Made Easy Topics:

  • Dishwasher Functions & Responsibilities
  • Security
  • Kitchen Sanitation & Cleanliness
  • Safety
  • Personal Appearance
  • Performance Standards

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