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Food Service Industry e-Learning: Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

Speed to training is a top priority for the food service industry facing high-turnover and shifting menus, therefore the key to Food Service Industry e-Learning: Simplify, Simplify, Simplify. Keep training content lean and basic, lending itself to quick and easy updates. There’s little doubt that online training, especially with today’s mobile devices, is the fastest […]

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Are your e-Learning Knowledge Check or Test Questions too Easy?

Do you suspect that your e-learning knowledge check or test questions are too easy? Once again, I was trying to impress my daughter, showing her how I can pass a multiple choice, true/false quiz on a topic I knew nothing about, simply by guessing either “True”, “All of the above”, and my favorite, the longest response […]

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Take the “BORING” out of e-Learning – with e-Learning Games

Incentives/Rewards Work In the 1980s, I worked for Maritz Motivation Company, of  Fenton, Missouri, helping design and implement “behavior modification” programs, or more simply, employee motivation/incentive programs.  We would communicate the desired behaviors, like having employees think of ideas to reduce waste, cost, etc., and then recognize and reward employees for those ideas.  What did […]

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