We are Passionate About Building Self-Paced e-Learning That Does a Great Job Teaching New Skills

Founded in 1988, Dupont Learning started as a Priority Management Training franchisee, teaching personal productivity skills to more than 40,000 managers, professionals, and individual contributors at companies like Coca-Cola, GE, Proctor & Gamble, Pratt & Whitney, and BIC.

Migration to Online Learning

1st up?  US Tobacco …

With e-learning just getting started in the early 2000’s, one of our Time Management customers asked us if we could provide a tobacco compliance course for 2000 employees scattered around the US.  Of course we said YES.

But not knowing much about e-learning, or the tools to create courses, our demo … and our bid failed.  But we were hooked, and saw the writing on the wall.  What better way for UST to train 2000 dispersed employees at the same time – then self-paced e-learning, accessed from a computer, with an Internet connection (dial-up, ugh) any time of the day or night?


Lectora, Articulate, Camtasia

Start with the Right Tools

In 2002, it wasn’t yet clear which of the many early e-learning authoring tools would end up as winners, but we were lucky that two of of the ones we adapted early on, ended up surviving, and thriving! … Lectora, Articulate Storyline, and Camtasia.  Note that the tools you choose are important, because 10 years from now, when you want to make changes to your course, it helps if the authoring tool is still around – and has been updated to still work with the latest browsers. 

Train the Trainer

We know deep down you want to learn to create your own courses

Most training professionals are subject matter experts, writers, PowerPoint pro’s, and instructional designers.  What many lack though, are e-learning development skills, using leading software tools (Lectora, Articulate Storyline, etc.).  We can help.  Dupont Learning can teach you to create your own courses via one-on-one remote/webinar training. Nothing more fun than creating your own e-learning courses that do a great job teaching new skills.

Education is in Our Blood

30-Years!  We love what we do.

Our Team

It takes a lot of different skills …

Over the years, we have developed indispensable resources to help us with key skills, like IT, writing, instructional design, professional voice-over, graphic design, video, learning management, and many others.

Tom Dupont

Knows how adults learn, productivity/motivational expert. 

Ray Kirstein

Voiceover Professional

Molly Dupont

Marketing Manager, URI Science Grad.  Brings smarts, charm, enthusiasm.

Murali Krishna

Developer, extraordinaire!

Dyan Dupont

CFO, Key Client Manager, Graphic Artist

Beth Dupont

An experienced and trusted operations and human resources executive. 

Matthew Hasson

The Computer Company is our most important IT solutions resource.

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