Dupont Learning can help you build specific e-learning courses, or provide a complete “Company Campus” e-learning Academy.

For over 30 years, Dupont Learning has provided training products and services, and since 2002, has created over 1000 custom e-learning courses. Let us know if we can help you create web-based training, or if we can host and track your courses on our LMS.

Choose from Over 100 HR Topics

Great Courses Start with Great Content

Besides topics related to specific industries (see right) Dupont Learning has content related to a long list of key HR topics.  We can pick and choose from these topics to create any custom e-learning module to fit your specific skills training needs.

Workplace Harassment

Courses for Employees and Managers, compliant with your State regulations 

Time Management

Focus on the right activities. Productive people have a SYSTEM to manage work.

Budtender Training

Menu knowledge, compliance, risk, diversion, 

Medical Device Training

Teach sales/service reps, customers, to use your products.

EH&S Topics

Environmental Health & Safety topics, like Hazard Communication, Fire Safety, etc.

Restaurant Skills

Menu knowledge, anti-harassment, server/bartender training, etc.

Private Club Training

Menu knowledge, anti-harassment, server/bartender training, etc.

Insurance Broker Training

Teach your producers about, and how to sell your insurance products.

Easy As 1…2…3…

We are happy to create a brief e-learning module using your own content, so you can see how your course would look and work.  You would also learn how your course could be accessed, and tracked on our LMS. 

Free Course - Restaurant Anti-Harassment

For a limited time, users can view and complete our Restaurant Anti-Harassment e-learning course.

Free Course - Time Management in the Age of Anxiety

Learn a system to take control of your workload and focus on the most important things.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch, tell us about your e-learning project.