Custom e-Learning Development

Over 700 courses – from very simple and inexpensive, to highly complex/interactive.

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Need e-Learning Content?

We can provide 100’s of business skills titles, customized for your organization.

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Hosting / Tracking / Learning Management

Our LMS is fast, reliable, secure, easy to use, and affordable!

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Now Extinct: Attention Span

Source: Now Extinct: Attention Span By Chris Amorosino You knew this was coming. Let me make it official. Today there’s no such thing as an attention span. We have virtually no time to capture most people’s interest. But don’t let this fact lead you into making marketing errors. Because of the attention span wasteland we

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Teamwork: The Single Most Untapped Competitive Advantage

Note that although Dupont Learning is an e-learning development and hosting company, our roots (going back to 1988) are in helping organizations, teams and individuals function more effectively through improved personal productivity and team effectiveness skills.  This post from Celeste Barros, regarding the DiSC program, reminded me of how important it is for team members

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True or False

Are your e-Learning Knowledge Check or Test Questions too Easy?

Do you suspect that your e-learning knowledge check or test questions are too easy? Once again, I was trying to impress my daughter, showing her how I can pass a multiple choice, true/false quiz on a topic I knew nothing about, simply by guessing either “True”, “All of the above”, and my favorite, the longest response

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Improve Staffing Company e-Learning

Staffing Company e-Learning Services from Dupont Learning: Speaking of leverage, boost your results, and save training dollars with e-learning services from Dupont Learning: Custom staffing-related e-learning. Read more> Hundreds of modifiable Business Skills topics; easily customized for your company. View List >> Don’t have an LMS? Consider hosting and tracking using Learn More >>


Mobile e-Learning with Lectora

Most web or e-learning content can be viewed on your mobile device, but for e-learning, if you are always scrolling, and the buttons and images are too small, the learning experience is generally poor.  With Lectora’s new Responsive Course Design (RCD), your e-learning pages will be properly sized, and look great on all devices! Dupont Learning

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Lectora Makes Insurance Training Interactive and Efficient

Profile Andrew Lockwood is a Training Coordinator and the Instructional Developer for the Claims Education and Training department at Auto-Owners Insurance. While his Lectora® work in the last year has been at Auto-Owners Insurance, Andy has used Lectora for almost 9 years. Auto-Owners Insurance is located in Michigan, where Andy works, and across 26 states—this

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